Suzuki GSX400E and GSX400S model history

The air-cooled twin GSX400E (frame code: GK51C) with four valves per cylinder was released in 1979 in Japan. The style of the middle range street sports bike had the same styling as its smaller brother GSX250E that was presented the following year. Suzuki GSX400E 1979

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Suzuki GSX400E and GSX400S model history

Suzuki GSX400E

The GSX400S (GS400S in North America) lived on for a couple of more years. The GSX-R400, the liquid-cooled GSX400FWS and the GSX400X Impulse were other 400 cc four-stroke motorcycles Suzuki had to offer in the mid-eighties. In 1983 the GSX400E got new type of cast wheels and a black-coated engine.

Although in America it was still called GS400E, in 1980 there was another version, GSX400E, which replaced the old 400E. In 1991 a new GS400E was relaunched but it had a very short life, being soon replaced by another well known bike, GS550E.

Suzuki GSX400E and GSX400S model history


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Aug 19, 2015 · YouTube Captureから. GSX250E カタナ ザリ ゴキ エンジン始動マフラー音はこんな感じです。

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The Suzuki GSX400E was the successor of my GSX250. I received it, new and right out of the shop, in April 1986. At that time it cost some 4200 DM – a very reasonable price for such a bike. It was the version with 27 HP, not the “open” one with 42 HP. I kept it for four years and we made 103000 km together in …

Suzuki GSX400E brochures


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Feb 15, 2013 · 番長コール、飯塚旧車會『親方』の愛機紹介を踏まえて、番長コールです♪(´ε` )

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Suzuki GSX400E

Suzuki GSX400E 1982 (Z) (E02 E04 E16 E17 E22 E24 E26

This parts-list page (CARBURETOR) contains the most products with seventy-four listed parts. fifty-seven Suzuki GSX400E 1982 (Z) (E02 E04 E16 E17 E22 E24 E26) parts fiche schematic pages.

This is the 1/12 Scale Suzuki GSX400E II 1981 Motorcycle Plastic Model Motorcycle Kit from Aoshima.

Suzuki GSX400E and GSX400S model history

Suzuki gsx400e

GSX400e. Wat anderen zeggen Dubļsarga leņķis labs Meer bekijken. Spier. This is a 1983 with miles. ken lafontaine. muscle bikes. Wat anderen zeggen 1983 Suzuki GS 1983 Suzuki GS1100e motorcycle Custom Performance Rebuild 1982 GS GS1100 GS1000 …

Suzuki GSX 400 Motorcycle Complete Workshop Service Repair Manual 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 19

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Feb 28, 2010 · I have a suzuki gsx400E that will not rev out only getting 4500 then farting and bubbling . have cleaned out carbs and timing seems OK It has a vacuum petrol cock and i wonder if this is the problem any help would be great Customer

Suzuki GSX400E and GSX400S model history

The Suzuki GS400 twin was presented in October 1976, being one of the first four-stroke Suzukis since the Colleda COX in the 1950’s. The other Suzuki four-strokes that were introduced that year were the GS750 and GS550 fours.

Suzuki GSX400E and GSX400S model history

1980年に後継の代替機種となるgsx400eが発売されるとともに生産終了となった。 仕様沿革. gs400 0 0 (1976年) – フレーム打刻ナンバー:gs400-10001〜 gs400-2(1978年) – フレーム打刻ナンバー:gs400-42205〜 gs400e 0 (1978年) – フレーム打刻ナンバー:gs400-52482〜

Suzuki GSX400E and GSX400S model history

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Suzuki GSX400E 1983 - YouTube

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Suzuki models 1980, Page 2 offers a large selection of motorcycle models from various manufacturers, including Tamiya, Aoshima, Moebius, and more.

Suzuki GSX400E

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Apr 13, 2012 · I’ve just seen that GS400E from 1983 for sale in my neighbor and really I’m tempted by it but I don’t know much about it and can’t find interesting stuff on it on Google. Here’s what the bike looks like. I love that old school style. It has 35 000 KM on it. It is too much for that bike ? The guy is

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スズキ GSX400E KATANA/250E KATANA(1982) 絶版ミドルバイク-バイクブロス

Suzuki GSX400E - YouTube

Suzuki GSX400E

Suzuki GSX400E and GSX400S model history

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スズキ GSX400E KATANA/250E KATANA(1982) 絶版ミドルバイク|モト・ライド-バイクブロス

GSX400E 刀 アオシマ プラモデル

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CJ Performance 【 GSX400E ( 商談中・売約済車両 GSX400E ) 】 千葉県野田市 ...

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